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Ares I-X Launch Photos

Ares I-X Launch
Merritt Island from the VAB
Sunset Behind Ares I-X

I was fortunate enough to get to watch the Ares I-X launch from the top of the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), which stands 525 feet in the air. Even if the launch had been delayed again (which it wasn’t, thankfully), it would have been well worth the trip just to see Kennedy Space Center from that vantage point. The launch itself was spectacular… about as loud as a shuttle launch and powerful enough to shake the VAB. The data from that test flight will be of use to all future spacecraft launches, not just those related to Ares/Orion/Constellation, so I was very happy to see it go so well.


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Ares I-X – Live Photo of Ares I-X from the NASA Press Room

Ares I-X October 25, 2009
I just got to the Press Site at Kennedy Space Center, so I don’t have my cameras unpacked, but I got a pretty picture for you of the Ares I-X rocket on the launchpad. This was taken from my cell phone in air-conditioned comfort off one of the televisions in the press room. See the countdown clock? Pretty exciting! I’ll be explaining how to make your own solid fuel rocket over on’s Chemistry site later, so get ready to play rocket scientist.

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Wordless Wednesday – Indigo Creek

Indigo Creek, Murrells Inlet, SC

Welcome to South Carolina in October! This is Indigo Creek behind my house this morning. Beautiful rainy day.

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Gratuitous Cat Picture

Upside Down Cat

I haven’t posted any pictures of Cricket since the day I got him, so here’s one for you. He’s soft and fluffy and insane, which is a pretty good combination for cat (less-good for my laptop and curtains).

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