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Florida Manatees

Florida Manatee

Manatee Toenails

I took these photos in Cocoa Beach at the Banana River Park. I did not know manatees had toenails. The other picture is a manatee floating on its back. It seems like you either see their back when they are eating (and yeah, their backs are all criss-crossed with scars from boats) or sometimes they turn over and float. It has eyes on the sides of its head, a big walrus-type mouth, flippers on its chest, and that’s either a manatee belly button or something lower. Your guess is as good as mine, probably better!

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STS-128 Astronauts and Space Shuttle Discovery

Space Shuttle Discovery at Dawn

Astronauts for STS-128

Yes, I’m still in Florida. The launch of Discovery has been delayed until around midnight Friday at the earliest. So, there’s nothing much going on at KSC today if you’re a member of the media, but it’s okay because surf’s up! Cocoa Beach is a great place to be.

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Wordless Wednesday – Bodie Lighthouse

Bodie Lighthouse

Bodie Lighthouse

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Wordless Wednesday – Homemade Rock Candy

Homemade Rock Candy

Homemade Rock Candy

Here are the rock candy instructions I used.

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