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Wordless Wednesday – Wave Close-Up

Pacific Wave Close-Up


April 29, 2009 at 12:49 pm 3 comments

Video of Lava Flow from Kilauea

I took this video at dusk to show the lava flowing from Mount Kilauea into the Pacific Ocean on the eastern side of the Big Island. I think some people expect you can go right up to the lava flow and observe it, but that isn’t the case when the lava is flowing into the ocean. The vapors are noxious and corrosive, plus there are other risks. The temperature difference between the water and the lava can shatter the fresh rock and throw it outward. Ledges of rock can suddenly fall into the sea, producing a wave at best and a tsunami at worst. Even at a distance, the display is amazing and unforgettable.

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Volcano Twister

Twister Spawned by Kilauea Lava Flow

Twister Spawned by Kilauea Lava Flow

April 22, 2009 at 1:12 pm 4 comments

Hawaiian Sunset

April 7 Sunset off the Kona Coast

April 7 Sunset off the Kona Coast

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Sunset Over the Lava Flow

Sunset Over Kilauea's Lava Flow

Sunset Over Kilauea's Lava Flow

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Wordless Wednesday – Gecko

Gecko in Hawaii

Gecko in Hawaii

April 15, 2009 at 11:01 am 4 comments

Manta Ray Photo

Manta Ray Night Dive

Manta Ray Night Dive

I did the manta ray night dive off the Kona coast last night. The underwater camera wasn’t thrilled with the light levels, but here’s a shot for you. I’ve got video footage to upload later.

If you ever get to the Big Island of Hawaii, be sure to see the mantas. There are mantas in other places, but the two locations off the Kona coast offer a unique level of interaction. There was a baby manta that was close in size to the larger Atlantic stingrays, but most of the animals were much larger… around 15 feet across! As you can see, they get very close. While people aren’t permitted to touch the mantas, they weren’t hesitant about brushing us or pulling back only an inch away.

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