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Myrtle Beach Iceless Ice Skating

Myrtle Beach Ice Skating

Myrtle Beach Ice Skating

We tried out the skating rink at the Market Common in Myrtle Beach. This rink uses artificial ice, which is a little different from the traditional ice skating experience yet still a lot of fun. You don’t need to worry about being cold, but getting a good slide requires some speed, which increases my chances of falling exponentially so I stuck with the skating round-and-round bit. It’s not nearly as frictionless as regular ice, but you can skate on it and probably do spins and other tricks if you build up enough speed. The coating on the ice is non-toxic. According to one of the kids, it tastes a little funky, but it isn’t slimy or otherwise unpleasant on skin or clothes if you fall. This rink is in operation through January 3rd, with proceeds going to the Red Cross, so if you’re looking for something fun to do, give it a try. The cost depends on whether or not you’ve been shopping. You get free admission if you spend $50 or more at one of the Market Common shops. Otherwise admission is $7, which includes skates and is good for skating all day.

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Russian Beaded Necklace Tutorial

Russian Beaded Necklace

You know what they say about all-work-and-no-play, right? I used a little free time to put up a tutorial for this beaded neckace pattern. Back in the days when I made jewelry for cash, this was one of the most best-sellers. Now you can make it yourself.

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Wordless Wednesday – South Carolina Sandscape


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