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Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Marina
Hilton Head View
Hilton Head Lighthouse

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  • Easy and Beautiful Glow Stick Lanterns
    Glow sticks are pretty cool on their own, plus you can use them as the basis for other projects. For example, you can use the liquid inside glow sticks to make decorative lights or lanterns to use around your home or yard... wherever it is dark!Make Glow Stick Lanterns | Glow Stick Lantern Video
  • This Day in Science History - April 19 - Glenn Seaborg
    April 19th is Glenn T. Seaborg's birthday. He was the co-winner of the 1951 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for research into trans-uranium elements. His team at the University of California, ...Read Full Post
  • Table of Crystal Growing Chemicals
    Here's a handy table of chemicals used for growing crystals. You can see the color and shape of crystal to expect. I've linked to specific directions to growing the crystals. ...Read Full Post



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