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Driving in Manhattan

I just got back from a trip to New York, which is where I work. This is sort of funny, since I have written for since 2001, but it was the first time I’ve actually been to the city since starting with them. is a New York Times Company, so I’ve included a pretty picture out one of the windows of the New York Times Building.

View from the NYT Building

I drove up from Myrtle Beach, which took around 12 hours. It was a beautiful drive, but I was a little concerned about driving in Manhattan. I had always heard driving in New York was a nightmare. I expected to get cut off, honked at, hit, lost… you name it. I was also leery of leaving my car with the valet at the hotel. If you live in the Myrtle Beach area, it’s likely you’ve encountered me on Highway 17 or at the beach at the south end of Pawleys Island. I drive my car a lot and I’m a teensy bit protective of it (parked waaay out from other cars and don’t even let family members borrow it).

My Corvette

If you drive in Myrtle Beach, you know it can be an adventure. There are a lot of confused tourists and intoxicated drivers to contend with, plus traffic can be heavy. Manhattan had a lot of pedestrians, but they actually moved out of the way of the car (totally novel experience there). The cab drivers were extremely considerate. No one honked at me or flipped me the bird. The police officers kept traffic moving. It was actually really nice and the valet took great care of my car. Except that tolls and parking cost a mint, it’s a great place to drive. So… if you’ve considered driving in New York, but the hype had scared you off, don’t be afraid. It’s really not that bad.

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Autumn Cosmos Flower

Orange Cosmos

Orange Cosmos

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Ibis on the Beach

IbisThis is an ibis walking on the beach.

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Under the Cocoa Beach Pier

Under the Cocoa Beach Pier

Here’s the view under the pier in Cocoa Beach, Florida (August 2009).

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Wordless Wednesday – Sand Castle

Sand Castle

This is a sand castle on the beach at Pawleys Island, SC.

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